> airMAX 2.4GHz Access Points

CCTV & Wireless Network Design

Need assistance in designing your wireless network and or CCTV? Our team of professionals can assist you in identifying the best devices for your individual applications.  
Our Price: $150.00
Ex GST: $136.36

Bullet M2 Titanium 2.4GHz W/AUPWR

The BulletM Titanium features an RF shielded enclosure and a watertight Ethernet connector. It can instantly transform any antenna into a carrier-class radio system.  
Our Price: $195.00
Ex GST: $177.27

Bullet M2HP 2.4GHz

Bullet M is a wireless radio with an integrated Type N RF connector that can be directly plugged in to any Antenna* to create a powerful and robust outdoor Access Point, Client, or Bridge. 
Our Price: $129.95
Ex GST: $118.14

Bullet M2HP 2.4GHz W/POE/AUPWR

Bullet M is a wireless radio with an integrated Type N RF connector that can be directly plugged in to any Antenna* to create a powerful and robust outdoor Access Point, Client, or Bridge. 
Our Price: $175.00
Ex GST: $159.09

CRM Point

Ubiquiti Networks introduces the CRM Point™, a compact, locally hosted solution for management of your airMAX® and airMAX ac network devices from a central point. 
Our Price: $179.95
Ex GST: $163.59

Loco M2

The Ubiquiti NanoStation M combines Powerful airMAX CPE radio and MIMO antenna array performance  
Our Price: $95.00
Ex GST: $86.36

NanoBeam 19 Isolator Shield

This add-on shield improves link quality by reducing received noise. 
Compatible with NBE-2AC-13, NBE-M2-13, NBE-5AC-19 and NBE-M5-19 
Our Price: $29.95
Ex GST: $27.23

NanoBeam M2 13 dBi

Incorporating innovative industrial design with advanced technology, the NanoBeam®M is the latest generation of Ubiquiti Networks® airMAX® CPE for customer locations. 
The form factor of the NanoBeam® features the highest gain for its size. The NanoBeam’s excellent beam directivity provides the best performance in high-noise environments. 
Our Price: $155.95
Ex GST: $141.77

NanoStation M2 2.4GHz

The new NanoStation M is ideal for P2P and AP applications. It has integrated AirMax (MIMO TDMA Protocol) Technology. 
AU Power Cord Included 
Our Price: $159.95
Ex GST: $145.41

PicoStation M2-HP

Pico Station M is ideal for applications require long-range performance and a minimal installation footprint. It can be deployed either indoor or outdoor environments and can function either as an AP or airMAX Station. 
Replacement Product.
Our Price: $135.00
Ex GST: $122.73

PowerBeam M2 400 - 18dBi

The new PowerBeam M has a compact, all-in-one design with uniform beam width, efficient footprint and a faster processor. The PowerBeam can be easily mounted in a variety of ways thanks to the innovative mechanical design. 
Our Price: $149.95
Ex GST: $136.32

Product Configuration

Have your device configured with your network requirements prior to shipping. No Field techs required. Just simply install and turn your devices on for instant connectivity. 
Our Price: $77.00
Ex GST: $70.00

Radome 65cm RocketDish

Radome are designed to fit the RocketDish. Due to size they are required to be shipped in the Radome carton to avoid damage in transit. 
Suits the following antenna(s): 
  • RD-2G24
  • RD-3G26
  • RD-5G30
  • Must purchase Radome Carton for shipping
Our Price: $110.00
Ex GST: $100.00

Radome PowerBeam 400 Models

The Ubiquiti PowerBeam M 400mm Radome. A protective radome is available as an accessory for the PBE-M2-400 and PBE-M5-400 by Ubiquiti Networks. 
Our Price: $49.00
Ex GST: $44.55

Remote Hands Service

Ubiquiti Shop will program your Ubiquiti devices for you remotely. All you have to do is provide us with your network settings. If remote access is not possible we will email you the firmware configuration files and assist you to  upload to your devices. No need for expensive technicians in the field
For configuration services prior to shipping see our Configuration Service here. 
Our Price: $155.00
Ex GST: $140.91

Rocket M2

Rocket M is a rugged, hi-power, very linear 
2x2 MIMO radio with enhanced receiver 
performance. It features incredible range 
performance (50+km) and breakthrough 
speed (150+Mbps real TCP/IP). 
Our Price: $159.95
Ex GST: $145.41

Rocket M2 Titanium

Building upon our market-leading Rocket™ series, the RocketM Titanium features enhanced radio perfomance and superior durability. Its carrier‑class capabilities link distances up to 50+ km and provide breakthrough speeds of up to 150+ Mbps. 
Our Price: $369.95
Ex GST: $336.32

RocketDish 2.4GHz 24dBi

Instantly pair with Ubiquiti Rocket hardware to create powerful 2X2 MIMO PtP Bridging applications. 
Our Price: $265.00
Ex GST: $240.91